May 13, 2019

Endless Night Vampire Salon – Photo Gallery

by cns2020

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Images by Creative Collective
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The first ever Endless Night Salem Vampire Salon was on Saturday, May 4, 2019, at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. The evening was sold out with 150 guests dressed in their darkest finest, brilliant performances from the Slaughterhouse Society, dark tunes DJ Aengel, and the presence of Vampfangs’ Owners Benjamin Addam and Alexis Pharae as well as Endless Night Impresario Father Sebastiaan and First Lady of Angel Halo, Joy Felicity.

“A salon is an expression of [Vampire] culture,” described Father Sebastiaan, “and the salons themselves are inspired by a mix of Andy Warhol’s Factory and a Salon Noir from La Belle Epoch in Paris.” 

Click here to learn more about Endless Night Vampire Salons in Salem, MA or Here to get tickets to the next salon on September 28.

About Vampfangs:

From the murky darkness of a studio apartment in Historic Salem Massachusetts, a young entrepreneur lays the groundwork for what would become the world’s largest source for custom fit vampire fangs.

The year: 1993. Vampfangs peddled fangs to small stores, door-to-door. They would set up a booth in Salem during Halloween to offer passersby a chance to have their own custom fit fangs. Customers clamored to become instantly transformed. “What else have you got?” was a common reaction. In the shadows of his mind, Vampfangs knew they were on to something. He also knew that the Gothic / Alternative / Vampire customer base was worldwide, and to reach it he need a worldwide approach. The internet. And thus, was born.

Vampfangs has found incredible success by remaining innovative and always appealing to a wider range of customers. Today, Vampfangs has come full circle back in Salem with a new retail location on Essex Street!

About Endless Night:

THE ENDLESS NIGHT VAMPIRE BALL™ events are a series of masquerade ball themed soirees produced by Father Sebastiaan. Events take place annually in New Orleans, New York, Paris, and Berlin.

The name Endless Night comes from the William Blake poem “Auguries of Innocence” in which he states “Some are born to Sweet Delight, Others are born to Endless Night.”