February 6, 2020

History Alive, Inc. and The Salem Inn proudly present: Art & Craft – An Interactive Weekend of Mystery and Awakening

by joeyphoenix

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Featured image for “History Alive, Inc. and The Salem Inn proudly present: Art & Craft – An Interactive Weekend of Mystery and Awakening”

Photo credit: Jill Pabich

Conceived by Kristina Wacome Stevick
Developed by Macey Jennings
Directed by Carl Schultz

In a place as historically rich and delightfully spooky as Salem, a good ghost story isn’t difficult to come by. However, at the Salem Inn, the reported happenings are more than just stories. Someone from Salem’s extensive past still remains, trying to communicate with the living– but who? Find out for yourself in Art & Craft, a weekend-long theatrical experience designed by History Alive, Inc. and the Salem Inn. As part of a team investigating these paranormal happenings, you have the chance to collaborate with two local experts, explore the Inn’s historic buildings, and solve a long-forgotten mystery.

Art & Craft begins its debut run from February 21 – March 15, 2020, at the Salem Inn at 7 Summer Street, Salem MA. Tickets and rooms for the show-and-stay experience are available for customization through the Salem Inn at https://saleminnma.com/artandcraft/.

For years, the Salem Inn has heard reports of spiritual activity in and around their properties. While none of it implies malintent, both the Inn’s employees and guests are convinced that something–or someone–is trying desperately to communicate. Among these witnesses is local historian Louisa Rogers, who has experienced the most spiritual activity of all during her residency at the Salem Inn. In the hopes of discovering the cause of these happenings, the Inn has called upon Louisa Rogers, Cora Sprague-Fox (a local medium), and you to get to the bottom of it.

With the help of Cora and Louisa’s respective expertise in spiritualism and history, you have the opportunity to establish a connection between the Inn’s activity and the ghosts of Salem’s past. Who walks these halls unseen, and what are they trying to say? Most importantly, what will it take to put the past to rest?

Experience the first collaboration of History Alive, Inc. and the Salem Inn in Art & Craft, where you can witness the living world and the spiritual world collide.

For interviews:

Kristina Stevick, Artistic Director and President of History Alive, Inc.: (508) 423-4823
Carl Schultz, Director: (978) 335-1919
Alyssa Ivy Bené, plays Louisa Rogers: (978) 891-7810
Jenny Johnson, plays Cora Sprague-Fox: (609) 610-3287
Jennifer Emerson, plays Elizabeth: (860) 514-7313

For tickets:

Tickets: $40 each, plus room

Participating weekends:

February 21 – 23
February 28 – March 1
March 6 – 8
March 13 – 15

The Salem Inn immerses you in the history of Salem while providing all the modern conveniences you’d expect from a boutique hotel including Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, fitness center access and free parking. The Inn is also pet and family friendly, and offers 40 guest rooms and suites located in three historic homes. Each room is named for a prominent piece of Salem history and, collectively, they tell the story of this great city.

History Alive, Inc. is committed to the production of new plays and theatrical scenarios based on true stories from the past. Emphasis is given to interactive theatre so that actors and audience together, through a playful and dynamic way of engaging with history, might broaden their understanding of the present and gain a fresh sense of purpose within their own era. The company also seeks to invigorate the local economy by designing activities which connect the community and its visitors to a distinct, local history.


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