April 23, 2019

How to Apply to Vendor Events and Fairs

by cns2020

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Tips and Tricks By Juls at Salem Style

It’s Vendor Season!

Well, it’s almost always vendor season when you think about it. Vendor events usually ask for submissions MONTHS in advance. This helps them plan and organize their event as efficiently as possible. And it’s great for you as the vendor because you can plan out your calendar as well!

So it’s time to start filling out those applications.

But what are these event organizers looking for? If you want to increase the odds of them choosing you, here are some tips and tricks to make your application the best it can be:

  1. Do some research and understand what the event you’re applying to is. Does your business fit with the theme/vibe/season?
  2. Read the instructions carefully! You don’t want to fill out the application wrong. You also want to double check for any typos.
  3. Have an elevator pitch. When they ask “what do you do/make?” Have that response down to 1-2 super clear sentences. Lengthy descriptions are a turn off when the organizers are trying to review as many applications as possible.
  4. But make sure to communicate why your products are special and unique! Again, keep it brief, but make sure you stand out with why you’re different!
  5. Tell the truth! Be honest about your product or service. Don’t over embellish, it’s not worth it.
  6. If the application asks for social media links don’t put in any links where you’re not active. No one wants to see three-year-old tweets.
  7. Know the application deadlines, and be patient! Think about it, your application is one of many. Just hang tight for a response!
  8. If you don’t get accepted this time, don’t get discouraged! (Most times rejections happen because the product type is too saturated.) Keep applying to shows and getting your name out there!


Event organizers usually ask for a few pictures. These photos are another chance to shine! Here is a suggestion of assorted photos:

  • A great photo of your setup from past events. This really gives them a feel of what you will look like at their event. (If it’s your first time, Set up a booth in your house, yard, etc. and take a picture. Bonus if you’re in it!)
  • An awesome photo of your item on a white background. (Get a poster board from a craft shop and take a pic using natural light!) This will allow them to see the product, and possibly use it for promotions.
  • A work in progress photo. How do you make what you make? Are you rolling out cookie dough? Are you throwing clay on a wheel? Those work in progress shots are gold. The organizers will be more likely to connect with you and your craft if they see you doing it! (Even if it’s just your hands, we all don’t have people to take our pictures!)
  • An action shot! Do you paint? Show a painting hung up in a house! Do you make dolls? Show your doll on a shelf with other toys. A great lifestyle shot brings the human element into your craft.
  • Optional: your best photo from Instagram. Stay with me here. If you go to your insights, find the photo that has had the most engagement in the past year. (And if you don’t have an IG business account, umm do that now!) The reason I recommend this is that this #1 photo has resonated with your audience the most, and it will give the event organizer another peek into your brand.

Happy Vendor Season!

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