June 16, 2020

Lynn Youth partners with NS Juneteenth; Prevent the Cycle

by joeyphoenix

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Lynn, MA, ﹣Brianna Castro, Nicole Mcclain and a number of other Lynn residents will be hosting an event at 6 locations throughout Lynn on June 20, 2020 11am-12noon; Wyoma Square, Red Rock Park, Stop & Shop, Market Basket rotary, Central Square, and Lynn City Hall. Red Rock Park will host speakers, a D.J and poetry. The Lynn City Hall location will host speakers.

This event is designed to bring change to our education, justice, and housing systems. Signatures of residents will be collected, voting registration will take place, and participants are encouraged to bring their own signs. Our goal is to assist in creating steps towards change in partnership with our local government and state representatives.  All community members will have the option of gathering at City Hall at 12:00PM.

This demonstration is inclusive of all cultures. The music played will reflect the diversity of our city. We ask that people join us at the location most convenient for them: 

  • Wyoma Square: 314 Broadway, Lynn, MA 01904
  • Red Rock Park: Lynn Shore Dr, Lynn, MA 01902
  • Stop & Shop: 35 Washington St, Lynn, MA 01901
  • Market Basket rotary: 40 Federal St, Lynn, MA 01905
  • Central Square: Central Square Lynn, MA 01901
  • Lynn City Hall: 3 City Hall Square, Lynn, MA 01901

This event will shed more light on the injustices occurring in our city. We hope to educate those that may have been oblivious to the racial disparities that ethnic groups face. Attendees will experience an inclusive community open to ideas and thoughts. Community members will be encouraged to write down and put in a box, any concerns they may have or changes they feel are needed in the city. Every voice matters for our event. As we will be chanting, signing petitions, hearing speeches, and writing down experiences or demands from fellow community members. 

Prevent The Cycle is organized by fellow Lynn residents from various organizations. Our fight for the issues within the community stem from aggravation and tiredness of all involved. We are channeling our emotions into promoting change for our present and future generations. We demand to be heard. Come join us in our demonstration for our rights. 


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