December 5, 2019

Meet Jelissa Lamboy – Head Pastry Chef at The Grove Rowley!

by cns2020

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In Meet the Industry Leader by felicia via Octocog

Many people use many different paths to get into this industry. Can you tell us a little bit about how you arrived at this point in your career? How did you start?

Luckily, I have always known what I’ve wanted to choose for my career. I was so fascinated with anything baking or culinary related.. as a child, I was especially drawn to books and toys that revolved around food/sweets and it just stuck with me. I couldn’t wait until I turned 16 to be able to work at the local bakery in my hometown, Tewksbury. I started as a cashier, then went to dessert prep & cake decorating, and it took off from there.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Having so much creative freedom to tap into different ideas and experiment with flavors really drives my love for what I do. My job never bores me because there are ENDLESS combinations that I can come up with – constant excitement!

Two years ago today, where did you envision your future self?

Two years ago, I was pregnant and worried about getting back into the field. Being a mom is a full-time job in itself, so I was a little nervous about having to juggle both parenthood and a career, as they both require so much attention. I did not think I’d be in the position I am in now whatsoever… so I’m really thankful for this opportunity.

What is a challenge in your career you didn’t think you’d be able to overcome, but did? 

It’s true when they say, “you’re your own biggest critic.” I’ve always been so hard on myself when it comes to my work, constantly comparing myself to other pastry chefs in the industry (I’m still guilty of this occasionally). At one point, it felt impossible for me to be able to even touch their level of success… but I’ve grown since then. I have overcome my fears of failing – which started with me believing in myself more.

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