December 5, 2019

Riveting Broads – Kati Nalbandian

by cns2020

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Questioning Burnout as a Badge of Honor & the Weird Ways We Relate to Each Other

On this week’s Riveting Broads’ episode, Jacqui and Molly are joined by Kati Nalbandian, Director of Marketing and Creative Development at the Creative Collective, to explore what it means to always identify as ‘busy’, the often shame-laden world of ‘burnout’ as professional women and changing the way we empathize and connect with peers, colleagues and prospective partners.

The broads talk about the reality of FOMO in career development and the acceptance that self-care in the form of self-preservation, rest and authentic conversation can become the healthy proxy to answering, “How are you doing?” with honesty and shameless vulnerability.

Also, jokes!