May 10, 2020

Meet the Maker – Old Growth Alchemy

by joeyphoenix

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Meet the Maker is a new series of features highlighting some of the most amazing makers across the North Shore! We will be featuring a handful of new makers every Monday to hopefully help mitigate the added financial strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the creative community. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook as well!

Meet Ashley Nunez of Old Growth Alchemy

IG: @oldgrowthalchemy

In your own words…  what do you do? Describe the thing(s) you “make/create.”

Old Growth Alchemy is a purveyor of botanical libations and sensual ephemera rooted in Wild Folk Craft. Each creation arises from illuminations of ongoing study in folk herb craft, mythology, folklore, the occult, and bioregional storytelling. With an array of teas, bitters, salves, incenses, and Animist Reliquaries, the familiar transforms into the unusual through evocative sensual exploration of overlooked botanicals found in unlikely places.

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The world is curious — what inspires you to “make/create”?

Curiosity and wonder at the ephemeral, mundane, and natural world.

Roughly how much are you expecting in losses over the next month?

I am experiencing losses from in person events but not a set monthly loss

What measures are you taking to reduce lost revenues?

Increasing online sales and bolstering my online presence.

What do you think could help everyone in this challenging time?

Exploring methods of online community building and strengthening networks of resilience.


Custom Bitters

This is an offering for the truly adventurous and the decidedly curious. There are many ways to recreate a memory, an emotion, a moment: and I would love to work with you to do just that. Your own little potion- which can be a bottle of bitters or a sweet elixir- to take as a tool of remembrance and a unique sensual experience. Custom made just for you and never to be recreated.

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