March 30, 2023

Montserrat College of Art Senior Thesis Exhibitions.

by cns2020

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BEVERLY – On April 2nd, Montserrat College of Art will display this year’s Senior Thesis Exhibitions. These exhibitions are entirely  organized, installed, and run by the students. They serve as a capstone to their time at Montserrat, an opportunity to show how years of study have influenced their thinking and artistic practice. Each show includes a free reception, open to the public, where the artists will introduce and discuss their own work.

Montserrat’s Interim President Brian Pellinen, “The Senior Thesis Exhibitions are among the most meaningful traditions on campus. These shows represent the transformational growth we see in our students over their time at Montserrat, and our campus beams with pride at the talent and artistic voice we see in each and every one of them.”

Below is a list of dates and times for the first batch of senior exhibitions. All shows, and receptions are
free and open to the public.

Textured Bodies
Isabella DeLia and Kaleela Greenlee
April 2 nd – April 9 th
Founders Gallery (248 Cabot Street)
Reception: April 6 th , 5-7pm
“Two artists explore their interpersonal relationships and personal history through fibers and fabrics,
weaving relational connections into physical objects.”

Growth: What It Takes to Heal
Morgan Covert, Anders McLaughlin, Haleigh O’Leary and Rebekah Sommer
April 2 nd – April 9 th
1A Knowlton (1A Knowlton Street)
Reception: April 6 th , 5-7pm
“These four artists use their varied artistic practices to process, cope with, and heal from trauma. They
make their internal struggles tangible through literal and non-representational visuals and language.”

Back to the Feature
Dillon Fitzgerald, Leslie Garcia, Caleb Keys, Caitlyn O’Leary, Camryn Reynolds and Lanie Shine
April 2 nd – April 9 th
Montserrat Gallery (24 Essex Street)
Reception: April 6 th , 5-7pm
“Through their individual multimedia practices, six artists explore topics unearthed during their journeys
through time. These candid reflections span from today to way back- ‘bout 300 years back…”

Mutual Expansion

Savanah Cornell and Audrey Permunian
April 2 nd – April 9 th
Schlosberg Gallery (24 Essex Street)
Reception: April 6 th , 5-8pm
“From filling space full of color and matter, to capturing an interval of time, devoid of color, these two
artists close in on the ideas of space and thought and how they perceive it.”

This Too Shall Pass
Helen Maguire Newman
April 4 th – April 9 th
Library Gallery (24 Essex Street)
Reception: April 6 th , 5-7pm
“These evocative digital photographs, often combined with drawing and text, reflect the artist's personal
experiences with learning disabilities and mental health struggles.”

Nathan Felker
April 19 th – April 23 rd
301 Frame (301 Cabot Street)
Reception: April 19 th , 5-7pm
“At its heart, Cynderwind is a story about the fight against a cruel world where violence will only be met
with violence until someone consciously finds a way of ending the vicious cycle.”

Mary Johnson
April 19 th – April 22 nd
Schlosberg Gallery, Left (24 Essex Street)
Reception: April 19 th , 5-7pm
“Johnson explores the juxtaposition between the gruesome and beautiful; seduction and disgust. A fan of
all things horror and gore, she displays these qualities in poetic and colorful ways.”

What’s Mine is Yours
Morgan Schnoll
April 17 th – April 23 rd
1A Knowlton (1A Knowlton Street)
Reception: April 19 th , 5-7pm
“In paintings, assemblages, collages, and installations Schnoll explores the depths of the subconscious,
capturing the essence of trauma in a series of experimental mixed media works and installations.”

In Hidden Spaces
Travis Lawless
April 19 th – April 23 rd
Founders Gallery (248 Cabot Street)
Reception: April 19 th , 5-7 pm
“This exhibition explores humanity’s urge for community and creation. Lawless combines contemporary
mediums like spray paint with historic wall art, creating a conversation for this everlasting artform.”

Midnight Matinee
Gabi Casella, Hannah Capra, Ponita, Zachary Fontaine,
Daniela Serratore, Coco Haseltine and Kerrigan Upton
April 19 th – April 22 nd
Montserrat Gallery (24 Essex Street)
Reception: April 19 th , 5-7pm
“’Midnight Matinee: Something Along the lines of Frankenstein’ brings together multi-disciplinary
works from seven artists to explore themes of expression, gender stereotypes, mental health and

More Senior Thesis Exhibitions will be scheduled and announced further into April.

Montserrat College of Art is a private, residential college of visual art educating the designers, artists,
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intersection of art, design and technology, the college offers three international programs, 12
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Arts degree and develop their skills for success in today's growing creative economy. The college also
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