March 22, 2022

Next exhibit Galleries At Lynn Arts (GALA): Environmental Awakening

by Felicia Cheney

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Galleries At Lynn Arts (GALA) is happy to announce their next exhibit: Environmental Awakening, which will run from April 1st to May 12th. The show is curated by Emmanuelle Le Gal, Stefanie Timmermann and assistant curators Nathan Hammerschmitt Le Gal and Nathanial Boyd. We asked artists to create work with a perspective on our ever changing planet. We asked them to tell us about their connection or personal vision on nature. Do they educate or advocate environmental changes? With this exhibit, we wanted to address the urgent need to live sustainably within earth’s resources. 

It was important for us to reach out to artists who incorporate recycled, reused or repurposed material in their art. Heather Goodwin, owner of Sea Hag Studios in Nahant MA, embodies that concept. “Sea Hag Studios creates art from objects that can be found where the land meets the sea. I like to think I am giving these materials that would end up in landfills a new life as art. What’s better than that? Preserving the environment is very important to me. I feel very fortunate that I can do what I love while making a difference in my community.” It’s easy to feel powerless when facing issues like environmental changes. Seeing the work that so many artists are doing to create change at an exhibit like ours is important to highlight because it is so inspiring.

Curator Stefanie Timmermann will present a unique installation out of recycled materials. “Traditional construction and demolition of houses is currently the largest generator of landfill waste in the U.S. We need to start using sustainable building methods to ensure more equitable and affordable housing in the future. Reusing trash to construct homes is one obvious path to such sustainability – and for Environmental Awakening, I built an igloo-style prototype out of all the recycled milk and juice cartons donated by members of the community. At nearly 6 feet across, this dwelling is big enough to crawl inside, and once installed, I invite you to do just that… we’ll even provide a blanket!”

For the artists’ reception on Friday, April 1st from 5:30 to 7:30pm, we invited three special guests. Lisa Wallace and Richard Valine are founders of The Community Path of Lynn Coalition. The association gifted us a bench made out of 100% recycled plastic waste, which will be raffled during the exhibit. All proceeds will support GALA. Our third guest is Nathan Gray, owner of House Factory US, who worked with The Community Path of Lynn Coalition. He will show us how he recycles plastic waste by shredding and melting it, then transforming this new raw material into objects. He will create small gifts made on-site to take home.

Environmental Awakening is happening. As inhabitants of this planet, we have a responsibility to maintain the nest we live in. We hope this exhibit will empower visitors to develop their own solutions and become themselves advocates for sustainability.Press may contact Stefanie Timmermann at (857) 540-4046 or  We will be hosting a media sneak peek of this show on Tuesday, March 29th at 3:00PM. Any members of the media unable to attend at that time are asked to contact Stefanie Timmermann for a special viewing. GALA is located at 25 Exchange St, Lynn, MA 01901.

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