March 24, 2020

Rent or Pick up Free Used Games from The Castle: A Board Game Café

by joeyphoenix

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Interesting times call for interesting gaming, and The Castle: A Board Game Café in Beverly is here for it. Since Governor Charlie Baker has ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses in Massachusetts, restaurants and retail stores have quickly pivoted made some great takeout and shopping experiences available to the public.

The Castle is offering takeout, selling gift cards, and more importantly, they’ve launched a board game rental program. They’ve also been going through their archives and have started some of their old used games away for free! No kidding. Just click free games from the menu.

Click here for the full list of what they’ve been up to.

10 Games Recommended by The Castle: A Board Game Café

Fun games for multiple skill levels compiled by Kevin and Ryn, owners of the Castle: A Board Game Café.


“Dixit is picture-driven prompt style guessing game. It’s hard to explain, but very good.”


“Mysterium is a cooperative weird art-driven whodunnit style game.”

Clank In Space

“Clank in Space is one of the best deck builder games IMO.”

Castle Panic

“Castle Panic is a cooperative tower defense style game great for all ages!”

Fake Artist Goes to New York

“Fake Artist is a small art-based party game. How it works is someone starts a drawing based on a prompt and it goes around everyone finishing the drawing (they all have the same prompt) except one player DOESNT have the prompt and has to fake it!”

Just One

“Just One is a party game where you have to get the player to guess a word by writing clues to the word, but if you and another play use the same clue they’re both disqualified!”

Isle of Skye

“Isle of Skye is a tile placement game with variable goals – think of Carcassonne if you know it…but better.”


“Pandemic is a cooperative game where you try to contain and cure a global Viral pandemic (relevant to today’s interests). There’s also a legacy version of this game, where you play the game multiple times and change the board you play on permanently every time you play it.”

Mansions of Madness

“Mansions of Madness is higher-level complexity, but you can get into easily enough because it has an app compendium that helps you through it. It’s a cooperative investigation/lovecraftian/horror-esque game where you work with your friends to investigate weird events and fight back evil creatures.”


“Splendor is a classic into to new games style game where you try to build gem mines to get points and attract wealthy patrons. The first person to get enough gems/patrons to get the most points wins.”

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