April 9, 2020

Riveting Broads Podcast – Diana Ciruolo

by joeyphoenix

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From Riveting Broads

For this week’s Riveting Broads’ episode, Molly and Jacqui are joined by Dianna Ciruolo, owner and founder of Staffing Studio, a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant from an ally-ship position, speaker, feminist, and author, to talk about the importance of ally-ship and looking outside of the box past your own perspective to see others’ and how you can help them.

The three broads explore their individual experiences with altering personal biases. being aware of the barriers some face that others don’t, communicating about privilege, and channeling adversity and luck as a vehicle for change.

To see the “Life of Privilege” video mentioned in this episode, click here.

Also, jokes!

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