June 22, 2023

Sabor De Lynn Celebrates the Culinary Diversity of Downtown Lynn

by kati.creativecollective

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The City of Lynn, the Downtown Lynn Cultural District, MassDevelopment Creative Cities initiative and Creative Collective proudly announces “Sabor De Lynn,” a delicious celebration of its dynamic and multicultural culinary landscape, taking place throughout the month of June featuring the engagement activity Loteria De Comida from June 23–June 30th and culminating at the Summer Fest Final Fridays at Lynn Museum on June 30th.

“Sabor De Lynn” aims to put a spotlight on the gastronomic diversity of Downtown Lynn. From beloved family-owned establishments to contemporary culinary hotspots, the city presents an extraordinary variety of cuisines that cater to all tastes. Attendees will embark on a flavorful journey, discovering the rich culture behind the city’s vibrant food scene.

The backbone of this project is the all new Restaurant directory on visitlynnma.org allowing anyone to explore over 70 restaurants in the Cultural District alone. The all new website also features retail listings, public art database, green spaces, event listings and more. 

The highlight of our month-long celebration of the celebration of cuisines is the distinctive Loteria de Comida game, which adds a refreshing twist to traditional Loteria cards. Similar to a bingo card, these unique booklets, complemented by accompanying stickers and instructions, will be obtainable from participating restaurants, retail outlets, and bodegas, serving as a fun and engaging element of our festivities. 

All participating establishments will have playing cards and stickers. For every $15 you spend at any of the participating restaurants/retailers/galleries, you’ll earn a sticker. By filling your card with these stickers, you earn a chance to partake in the grand raffle taking place at the Summer Fest Final Fridays at the Lynn Museum on June 30th. The winners can look forward to exciting prizes, including gift cards that can be redeemed at your beloved Downtown Restaurants.

Please note, the Loteria De Comida cards will only be available from June 23rd to June 30th. However, we encourage everyone to enjoy the full array of dining options and experiences throughout the entire month!


  • Collect a playing card.
  • Spend $15 at participating locations and get a sticker
  • Complete rows – just like BINGO!
  • Turn your card in at Lynn Museum’s #FinalFridays event June 30. FOR A CHANCE TO WIN GIFT CARDS (6PM-7PM)

A Sabor De Lynn flyer.


To make the experience even more exciting, special dishes from featured restaurants will be showcased throughout the month, together with engaging stories about their origins and inspirations. Some of the featured restaurants under include Sunset Caribbean, B Sweet, El Gran Jaguar, Estefani’s Restaurant,

Antojitos Chapines. Follow on our social media channels @visitlynnma for some awesome videos coming over the next couple of weeks created by Lynn based Francois Studios highlighting the dishes and stories behind these local businesses. 

We invite all attendees to digitally immerse themselves in the event by following and interacting with our social media channels @visitlynnma on both Facebook and Instagram. As you discover the delights of Lynn, we encourage you to tag the locations you visit and share your experiences using the hashtag #sabordelynn in all your posts.

“Sabor De Lynn” will culminate in a grand finale and raffle drawing at the Lynn Arts/Lynn Museum on June 30th. This summer bash promises to be the perfect end to a month of culinary exploration featuring a free concert with the Dis and Dat Band. 

This June, let the gastronomic delights of Downtown Lynn mesmerize your senses. As part of “Sabor De Lynn,” the city’s restaurants are excited to serve you a piece of their heritage, their creativity, and their passion for food. It’s time to buckle up and embark on a culinary adventure like no other, and make June a month to savor and remember.

For more updates on this appetizing adventure, stay tuned to our blog and social media channels. Prepare your taste buds, Lynn – you’re in for a true culinary treat!

Experience the true essence of the city, savor the flavor, and immerse yourself in “Sabor De Lynn.” We can’t wait to welcome you!