October 2, 2019

Sabor Latino: A Celebration of Hispanic Diversity and Culture in Downtown Lynn

by cns2020

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by Joey Phoenix

Hispanic Heritage Month started September 15 and Lynn, MA plans to celebrate in style. On Tuesday, October 8, The North Shore Latino Business Association, Beyond Walls, La Voz Newspaper, and Cojuelos Productions are joining together for Sabor Latino: Hispanic Heritage Celebration on Sutton St. in Lynn, MA. The event is Free and open to the public. 

Earlier this year, Beyond Walls launched its PATIO parklet program – created with the support of the Essex County Community Foundation Creative County Initiative, designed by landscape architects Crowley Cottrell, and programmed by Cojuelos Productions – which came in three different orientations: “GATHER,” VEND,” and “PERFORM.” 

PATIO at Beyond Walls Street Art Festival

PATIO is coming back for Sabor Latino, creating the perfect Block Party space for this upcoming event. The parklet allows for well-situated public spaces to become popup locations for exciting events such as these. 

Sabor Latino (which translates into English as Latin flavor) is a celebration of Hispanic culture – including food, music, and dance – and all the connections that are created by blending and fusion within that culture, and although it is created by Latino people, it can be appreciated by everyone. 

“It’s not an event only for Latinos,” says Rosario Ubiera-Minaya, founder of Cojuelos Productions. “It’s an event to celebrate our diversity and our culture, and a way to showcase the great things in our society and our culture.” 

Everyone is welcome to come and taste, see, experience, and learn about what makes Hispanic heritage so immensely special, especially in regards to the cultural landscape of Lynn itself. In the past couple of years, Lynn has seen a cultural Renaissance and has really started to celebrate the history, diversity, and talent that exists within the city itself. 

“Lynn has always been an amazing community, but in the last few years there has been a lot of change in terms of engagement, organization, and inclusion, especially in the arts and culture.

“Organizations like Beyond Walls, Arts After Hours, and individual community members have really come together to really showcase all that Lynn has to offer. The youth especially have taken on leadership roles and used their voices to say what they would like to see in the Lynn community,” Rosario adds. 

People want to feel a sense of connection, not just to each other, but to where they live. In Lynn, the residents are able to do that, and events like this arise out of that shared sense of appreciation and community. 

The Sabor Latino: Hispanic Heritage Celebration and Block Party will be on October 8, 2019 at 5:30 outside North Shore Latino Business Association on Sutton St. in Lynn. 

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