October 1, 2019

Applications Now Open For Podcation's Second Live Podcast Creation Event

by cns2020

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Bigger, Smarter & Even More Fun: “Podcation 2” Announced for May 14-18th in Salem, MA.

Boston/Salem, MA — Podcation will host its second-ever audio fiction creation event on May 14-18th in Salem, MA. A group of creators will gather to write, perform and record an original pilot episode- genre and theme to be announced.


The Story So Far

The first Podcation took place in San Diego in 2018. An all-star team, drafted from dozens of applicants from across the country, drove up into the woods of Palomar Mountain to create a fully scripted show pilot in just about 54 hours.

The result was Jupiter Saloon, a sci-fi comedy audio fiction that takes place at a dive bar in space. The pilot has been a success and season one is currently in pre-production.

The 2018 participants also have very kind words about their experiences.

What’s New for 2?

For Podcation 2, the organizers are promising a bigger team, a smarter workflow and a bit more time to write, perform and record. “Our goal is to maximize both productivity and fun,” says Podcation co-founder Patrick Yurick.

Why Salem?

“We looked at several possible locations for Podcation 2,” says O’Keeffe. “In the end, Salem was the perfect choice. The city shares many of Podcation’s attributes – it’s creative, inclusive, high-energy and a little bit weird – Like us. We now have access to our many great partners and allies in and around Greater Boston, as well as the very special (and sometimes spooky) vibe that Salem provides. It’s my home, and the perfect backdrop for this unique event.”

How To Apply

Interested creators can apply at https://www.podcation.com/podcation-2-apply/. Applications will be accepted through November 22, 2019.

There’s a $15 application fee, which is waivable, no questions asked. “We spend hours with each application – and we try to interview everyone – so there is a true administrative cost there. However, if someone can’t or doesn’t want to pay, they can opt to waive it,” says O’Keeffe. It won’t affect anyone’s chances, and it isn’t really any of our business why someone chooses not to pay. We don’t want to create any barriers.”

There is also a $499 attendance fee for those selected. This includes all meals, accommodations and local transportation. Attendees will need to get themselves to Salem or one of Boston’s major transportation hubs (Logan Airport, South Station or North Station). “We hope to be able to offer some sort of scholarships, but that’s not confirmed at the moment,” says co-founder Patrick Yurick.

Stay Tuned

In the coming weeks and months, Podcation will have more exciting announcements about sponsors, partners, and the larger advisory team.

Other Notes

On Thursday, October 10, the Podcation team will be presenting a live education podcast creation sprint entitled Podblitz! at this year’s Sound Education conference. The event will take place at The Podcast Garage in Allston, MA Learn more about it here.

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