November 4, 2020

The Wonderdome #30: The Poetry of Being Here (with Dr. Srini Pillay)

by joeyphoenix

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From The Mindful Creative

Dr. Srini Pillay is without a doubt one of the most dynamic, brilliant, multi-talented human beings I’ve had the good fortune to bring on the show. When I think about the life that I’m trying to build for myself, Srini is one of these icons or models that draws me forward. He’s an author, a psychiatrist, a brain researcher, a virtual reality entrepreneur, a leadership expert, an accomplished composer and piano player, and an award-winning poet.

Srini is also something of a provocateur. A gleeful trickster who breaks all the stereotypes you might expect around psychotherapy, leadership development, and scientific research. He’s relentlessly curious and deeply attuned to the beauty of life, without losing an ounce of compassion for the tragedies of the world and how we can work together to alleviate our suffering.

Our conversation ranges far and wide, touching on the nature of reality and human consciousness, the existential importance of facing our own mortality, the power of saying ‘yes’ to challenge and ‘playing up’, and the poetry of everyday life.

Consider this conversation a deep invitation into the mystery, beauty, and wonder of life. If you’re looking to unlock your greatest creative energies and possibilities, listen in.


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