January 13, 2021

These 14 Artists Can Help You Get Window Dressed to the Nines This Winter

by joeyphoenix

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The Salem’s So Sweet Chocolate and Wine Festival is just around the corner, and the perfect complement to this year’s predominately outdoor event, along with the Salem restaurant punch card and the ice sculptures, will be a custom window display.

Why not add to the spectacle and joy by helping to create more art! Here are 14 artists and design teams who can help you create a stunning custom window display or mural on your walls, windows, and doors this winter.

Flourish Artistic Services by Hailey Bonia

Website | Instagram | Window Design Catalogue

Hailey Bonia of Flourish Artistic Services creates public art with purpose that anyone can experience and enjoy. Her inspirations include psychology, spirituality, the human body, and nature/plants.

She offers custom window art, chalkboard signage, and murals and has got some delightful designs ready for Valentine’s Day.

m.ink creative studio

Website | Instagram

All of m.ink’s items are designed and handcrafted by business owner, Meg Nichols. Her mission is to celebrates inclusiveness, color, joy and nostalgia and the spirit of DIY. Her products and window designs strive to satisfy a need through making personalized options accessible and to delivery a variety of products for those who feel underrepresented in traditional retailers.


Website | Instagram

Mike Grimaldi (GRIMDROPS) has years of experience in the creative field. He’s held a number of positions including patent illustrator, graphic designer, character designer, surface designer, apparel designer, and screen printer. He has a strong interest and eye in the use of illustration, hand lettering and typography in his work.

Through GRIMDROPS, Mike has worked with some amazing clients on a wide variety of projects like hand lettered signs, murals, logos, package design, caricatures, portraits, and show posters.


Website | Instagram

A woman of many talents, Anna Dugan is a Chalk Artist, Mural Artist, and Illustrator based in Salem, MA. Anna Did A Thing combines humor, color, pattern-work, and life experience to create fun, relatable, & beautiful murals, stickers, T-shirts, and prints of original artwork. In all of her artwork, Anna is inspired by her Filipina-American heritage.

Amanda Beard Garcia of Likemind Design

Website | Instagram

Amanda Beard Garcia is a graphic designer, illustrator, muralist, and born-and-raised Bay Stater. Amanda holds a BFA in Illustration from RISD. When she’s not creating, you can usually find her wandering rock concerts, home-improving, and being trailed by her eight year-old Corgi (and mascot), Pica.

E & P Designs

Instagram | Emily Larsen’s Website

E & P Designs is made up of North Shore Artists Paige Besse and Emily Larsen. They are available for freelance design, public art projects, window design, and mural opportunities.

Email emilypaigedesigns01970@gmail.com to book.

Kate Aurelia Studio

Website | Instagram

After over 15 years in the design industry, Kate established her surface design studio in order to create work that truly speaks to her. From childhood, she has always had a love of pattern. Her work is influenced by the many places she’s lived and traveled around the world, from her woodsy New England roots to the Mediterranean, the streets of Oaxaca to the Marrakesh Medina, as well as her beloved Atlantic Ocean.

Yenny Hernandez


Yenny is a Latinx award winning graphic designer and illustrator from the North Shore. Of Puerto Rican descent her work pulls from her heritage and is often infused with vibrant colors and tropical foliage. Working both digitally and in print Yenny’s work incorporates color, typography, hand lettering and portraiture.

Her work spans from messages of positivity, finding your voice, to depicting family, friends, and artists of color. Striving to grow Latinx representation in design and illustration, her work has also begun to include Spanish and topics that speak specifically to the Latinx community. 

Studioful Design

Website | Instagram

Studioful Design practices in participatory design with people, places, and ideas. The company brings the powerful practice of discovery through design to each collaboration for a joyful design process that leads to integrated works of art and architecture.

Good 2 Go and WAMX at Raw Art Works (RAW)

Website | Instagram

Good 2 Go – G2G is made up of a team of young men who work together to create positive change in their community through public art.

Contact Bruce at bruce@rawartworks.org for more information.


WAMX is made up of a team of young womxn who work together to create positive change in their community through public art.

Contact Laura at laurasmith@rawartworks.org for more information.

Desiree Ferreras


Professional painter and Jack of all trades, Desiree provides customized chalk art board designs and accepts commissions for all artistic needs.

Ramon Santiago

Instagram | Facebook

Ramon is Lynn-based mural artist for hire.

K Leon Arts

Website | Instagram

From creating murals and teaching visual arts courses to consulting on architectural projects, K Leon does it all.

Bendelyn “Flé” Dabel


Haitian artist / Designer Flé is a mural artist for hire.

Are you an artist who would like to be added to this list? Send our editor a message at joeyphoenix@creativecollectivema.com

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