Swimm With Timm

About the Member

We believe the best way to learn to swim is by actually swimming!

That’s a crazy thought, right? But it’s actually what sets us apart from other swim programs. Swimm with Timm focuses on making swimming lessons fun by having students swimming as much as possible during class. You’ll find that all of our group swim lessons have a very small student-to-instructor ratio, because we believe in teaching to each student’s individual needs.

Once our students are comfortable and confident in the water, we focus on developing a strong foundation of skills. Other programs have students attempting to swim before they’re ready, which can cause students to feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Just like any activity, basic skills are vital to learning proper technique. Students are encouraged to develop at their own pace and try new things only when they feel comfortable. Once a strong foundation is built, with proper instruction, anyone can learn to be a good swimmer.

By taking this approach, students are able to build the strength, skills and confidence necessary to progress through our program. Success is not completing one level of swimming lessons in order to get to the next. Having our students safe, confident, and happy in the water? THAT is success.