October 1, 2019

Community, Faces, and Places at 2019 Beyond Walls Street Art Festival – Photos

by cns2020

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by Joey Phoenix

Street Art has the ability to inspire and communicate to people who the artist(s) behind the work have never met. Anyone walking by can see it and be enriched or stirred by its existence. Cities with public or street art feel more alive, as the colors and the images and the shapes convert ordinary buildings into massive works of art.

The aesthetic alone improves the view, but the intention behind it and the narrative conveyed through it can be equally poignant, adding to the legacy of the cultural landscape.

Family admires art at 2019 Beyond Walls Street Art Festival
Onlookers Admire Street Art at 2019 Beyond Walls Street Art Festival

To have a street art festival like Beyond Walls take over Lynn for 10 days each year is so incredibly valuable to the city, but it takes a village to bring it about. Events like these draw the village of street art lovers, appreciators, and those curious together to celebrate the creation of art and community.

Many of the events this year at Beyond Walls were more than just art. There were music and dancing, for starters, but there was also a day of trash cleanup. There was even a soccer match in the middle of it all.

Here are the faces and places of the community who helped to create and took part in the play this summer at the Beyond Walls Street Art Festival.

Click here for the full gallery of images from 2019 festival.

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