April 29, 2019

#ArtWeek Instameet at the House of the Seven Gables

by cns2020

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As part of Artweek 2019, Creative Collective organized an event with the House of the Seven Gables that welcomed local Instagram influencers for behind the scenes access to this iconic locations galleries! As part of the event, the Collective welcomed the local Igers network @igerssalem and a handful of well known Insta-accounts!

Here are the Igers who attended! Follow them for more great images.


About Creative Collective

Creative Collective is a business program that provides opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, organizations, and individuals that are looking for a more modern and creative approach to business growth and brand awareness. Learn more at www.creativecollectivema.com

About the House of the Seven Gables

The House of the Seven Gables is a National Historic Landmark District on Salem’s storied waterfront. There is much to do on a visit! Embark on an unforgettable guided tour of the 350-year-old Turner-Ingersoll Mansion. Discover and climb the famed secret staircase. Relax in the period seaside gardens. Be inspired as visitors, authors, and artists have been for centuries.For complete information, please visit www.7gables.org.

About ArtWeek

Presented by Highland Street Foundation and produced by the Boch Center, ArtWeek has become an annual award-winning innovative festival featuring hundreds of unique and creative experiences that are hands-on, interactive or offer behind-the-scenes access to artists or the creative process. Launched in 2013 and produced by the Boch Center as part of a strategy to strengthen its role in both the community and the creative economy beyond just its downtown historic theaters, ArtWeek’s growth has been explosive.

Find out more at www.artweekma.com