April 10, 2020

#betweenartandquarantine – Turning the Everyday into Art

by joeyphoenix

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Featured image for “#betweenartandquarantine – Turning the Everyday into Art”

Photo credit: @_irina_lisa

Trapped in our homes we cling to the small nuggets of joy. We’ve transformed our homes into blanket palaces, watched every episode of Love is Blind (Damian absolutely looks like Toby from the office, fight me.), and tried to make the perfect loaf of bread.

Ah, delicious bread.

But some of us have been more industrious than others, and they’ve used the quarantine to transform themselves and their surroundings into imitations of works of art using everyday objects.

The movement was inspired by a social media prompt by the Getty Museum last week encouraging people to recreate a work of art using what was already in their surroundings.

Feast your eyes on these wonders:

What a beautiful birb.


TP is the new fruit basket


Truly the best good boi


For this pup, it was like looking in a mirror


“The only person who knows me better than I know myself is my cat.” – definitely not Frida Kahlo


Knock knock – who’s there? – Toilet Paper Delivery Fairy – Toilet Paper Delivery Fairy Who?


Did somebody whistle?


So that’s where my other sock went…


You mess with the bull, you get the beer bottles.


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