August 12, 2019

Bringing Street Art and Community Events to Downtown Lynn with Beyond Walls

by cns2020

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Photos by Creative Collective MA

The Beyond Walls Street Art Festival 2019 took place from July 22 – August 3, bringing in talented artists all over the world to create poignant and breathtaking murals that will add to the growing vibrancy of Lynn’s landscape.

What was special about this year in comparison to year’s past was that the programming of the festival extended far beyond just the art itself. It has grown to include a parklet program called PATIO and special events at The Launch.


The PATIO parklets, created with the support of the Essex County Community Foundation Creative County Initiative, programmed by Cojuelos Productions , and created by Crowley Cottrell, a landscape architect, came in three different orientations: “GATHER,” VEND,” and “PERFORM.”

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Some of the events which took place at PATIO during Beyond Walls have included musical performances by Tertulia, sidewalk sales with numerous vendors across a few days, and ROLOton, a celebration of heritage, community, and identity through hair.

The Launch

In May 2017, Boston-based landscape architecture and planning firm Brown, Richardson and Rowe began a year-long process to update Lynn’s waterfront open space plan. This year, the site of The Launch played host to a few Beyond Walls events in including Clash of the Cans, a friendly graffiti battle between local graffiti legends that took place on Saturday, July 27.

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Rock the Block

The final event at Beyond Walls 2019 was Rock the Block. The event brought in food trucks, vendors, and performances that kept downtown Lynn dancing and celebrating well into the evening.

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About Beyond Walls

Beyond Walls is a non-profit placemaking agency that uses a creative lens to address community needs. They are a diverse group of residents and supporters that believe cities thrive when they are full of art while having engaged stakeholders and active community spaces with art. Beyond Walls’ work revolves around their mission to strengthen communities through activating spaces with the various forms of artwork.

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