August 3, 2023

Calling All Creatives for Burlington’s Vibrant Town Center Mural!

by cns2020

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Burlington, Massachusetts – The Town of Burlington’s Economic Development Office is thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for artists to leave their mark on the heart of Burlington’s Town Center. Seeking to enrich the area’s visual landscape, the Town is accepting proposals from mural artists for a $15,000 grant award. This grant will fund an outdoor postcard mural on the exterior wall of 202 Cambridge Street, facing Moran Avenue.

Calling All Artists and Designers

We warmly invite artists and designers experienced in crafting captivating outdoor postcard murals to submit applications. The Town is eager to invest in public art to add aesthetic beauty to the Town Center and create a bright, welcoming atmosphere for residents, visitors, and businesses.

A Mural with a Purpose

The Town’s Economic Development Director, Melisa Tintocalis, described the intention behind this initiative, “The three main goals of the mural project are to 1) enhance the Town Center by transforming an ordinary wall into a vibrant work of art; 2) create an inviting space that attracts fresh interest to our Town Center’s small businesses; and 3) celebrate Burlington’s charm through visual art.”

Get Involved To learn more about this opportunity and submit your proposals, please use the online portal or contact the Town’s Economic Development Office at or call 781-505-1186.

Together, let’s paint a vibrant and inspiring future for Burlington!

About the Town of Burlington’s Economic Development Office: The Town of Burlington’s Economic Development Office is dedicated to enhancing the Town’s economic vitality, promoting sustainable growth, and enriching the community’s cultural fabric. The office endeavors to make Burlington a thriving hub of commerce, creativity, and inclusivity through strategic partnerships and visionary initiatives.