December 26, 2018

North Shore 104.9's Curtain Up: Episode 12-23-2018 with John Andrews

by cns2020

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John Andrews’ interview with Aurelia Nelson on North Shore 104.9 went live this past Sunday December 23. They talked about Creative Collective LLC, Creative North Shore, Essex County Community Foundation, North Shore Music Theatre, Essex County Creates, Pedro Soto/ Beyond Walls, Barr Foundation, NotSo Kitty, Phil Richard Insurance, Joey Nicotera/Retonica and so much more!

About Curtain Up on North Shore 104.9

Find out more about theater and the arts happening around your neighborhood by tuning in to our Sunday morning show, Curtain Up, which includes interviews with actors, information about shows and concerts as well as a calendar of local arts and music events. “Curtain Up” is brought to you by Bill Haney’s North Shore Music Theatre. This week Aurelia talks with John Andrews from North Shore Creative Collective.