April 9, 2021

Everything is Vibration with Sound Healing for the Soul

by joeyphoenix

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This April for #StressAwarenessMonth we’ve asked Creative Collective business members who specialize in health, wellness, mindfulness, and life coaching to give us their best suggestions for how to destress. Here’s what they said!

Lisa Kawski (she/her/hers) of Sound Healing for the Soul is kicking off this series! To attend one of her events (livestreamed virtually or in person), check out the schedule on her Facebook page.

What is Sound Healing for the Soul?

Quartz crystal bowls, gong, chimes, ocean drum, tongue drum, bells are a few of the magical instruments I am fortunate to play creating sound that speaks to your soul. Each sound experience is unique.

Everything is vibration. Vibration is energy. We connect through energy, to ourselves as well as others.

Creating ceremony, ritual and offering sacred sound is a means to connect with one’s self on an intimate and personal level. Gentle guidance through meditation invites relaxation – turning inward, expanding outward.

What are your tools for coping with stress?

Breathwork, kirtan and sound healing are my tools for coping with stress. Through my breath, I have learned I can melt into the rhythm that will induce a relaxed feeling. If I don’t have time to do a 15+minute practice, the simple act of taking in a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds and then exhaling, repeating this three times – can be a game changer in a stressful moment.

Kirtan, the practice of chanting mantras and/or the names of gods and goddesses, is one of the most important techniques in Bhakti yoga. This is a form of yoga that many people are unfamiliar with. It provides me with a meditation of sorts so that I can get caught up in the energy generated and be transported beyond the stress at that moment.

Why do you think our culture is so stressed out?

Competition, wanting more, working harder to get – what? I think people have lost or have never learned how to truly care for themselves. To go inward to find ways to manage the stresses of living on this planet, seek answers from deep within instead of looking for outside sources and ways to “feel good”.  It doesn’t have to be this way. It is almost as if stress fuels one person, and then another and keeps perpetuating the cycle. And the collective grows in magnitudes of stress levels.

How do you stay grounded in your daily life?

I am fortunate and practice daily modalities that I enjoy, that also happen to keep me grounded in my life. I am blessed to “work” in two fields I love: interior design and sound healing. I think that is a foundation for happiness and contentment – do what you love to do and get paid for it!

I create on a daily basis, for myself as well as for my clients. Creating sacred spaces to live and grow. Seeing the beauty in each day.  Be grateful for all that I have, all that I have created, all those I have in my circles, and all that may come to me through manifesting my dreams.

What’s the best piece of advice someone has ever given you about life, the universe, and everything?

My mom: “and this too shall pass,” for when it feels like nothing is going my way.

Several friends: “ this and/or something better/greater,” for when I am unsure about a choice or decision.

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