April 25, 2019

From Warrior I to Child's Pose – North Shore Yoga That Stands Out

by cns2020

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Living in a creative-centered area like the North Shore comes with its own special set of benefits. Your food is exceptional, your shopping choices are original, and even your yoga studios come with their own distinctive attractions. There’s a yoga class for every taste and personality, all within a few miles of each other, and some of them within the same studio.

Here are some of the best yoga studios and teachers on the North Shore and some classes you can take in the near future.

Black Widow Yoga – For the Dark and Adventurous

Inspired by other non-traditional yoga classes such as Metal Yoga Bones in Brooklyn, NY, Tina of Black Widow Yoga has created a non-traditional yoga space that challenges perceptions of what yoga is meant to be. Instead of lofty instrumentals, Black Widow Yoga features doomy and dark music in their classes, allowing the students to harness and connect with the shadow energy, as well as the light, within them.

Black Widow Yoga offers classes at Green Tea Yoga Studio in Salem as well as pop-up locations in Boston and on the North Shore.

Current ongoing classes and upcoming events:

Click here for a full list of classes.

Green Tea Yoga – For Yogis of all Levels

Green Tea Yoga Studio off Jefferson Avenue in Salem is a studio that focuses on variety and inclusivity. At Green Tea, there is a session for every kind of yoga practitioner. Do you want traditional yoga? There’s a class for that. Dark and doomy yoga? Yes, that too. They also offer kids yoga, prenatal yoga, private lessons, Reiki, and bodywork.

Some current ongoing classes and upcoming events at Green Tea Yoga:

They are located at 10 Colonial Drive in Salem, MA. Go to www.greenteayoga.com for a full list of classes and events.

Salty Buddha Yoga – For the Alternative and Spiritualh

At Salty Buddha, instructors offer a contemporary take on ages-old practices. From traditional yoga classes focusing on balance and meditation to non-traditional with Radiohead as a soundtrack or Lunar patterns as a theme, Salty Buddha offers alternative versions of yoga with universal good vibes.

They’ve also partnered with The Witch Doctor in Salem for some cannabis-inspired yoga events called Buddha Budz.

Here are some of Salty Buddha’s upcoming events and workshops:

You can find Salty Buddha at 201 Washington St. Ste 206 in Salem. Check out the full list of classes here.

Rebel Yell Yoga – For the Wild Child who Howls at the Moonh

Rebel Yell Yoga is run by independent yoga teacher Chrissy Vacarro. Chrissy has a rock and roll take on yoga that’s exciting and more than a bit wild. She brings a full sensory experience to each of her classes that links music, breath, movement, and stillness.

Currently, Rebel Yell Yoga classes are held at Green Tea Yoga and The Salty Buddha in Salem, as well as at The Moon + the Mat Studios in Beverly and other pop up locations in Boston and on the North Shore.

Current ongoing classes and upcoming events:

Check out Rebel Yell’s website for new classes and updates.

The Healing Center – For Those Looking for Peace

The Healing Center in Beverly, owned by Reiki Master Teacher Katherine Oregel, offers a space of energetic healing to those who want to find wellness and balance at their own pace. The Healing Center currently offers workshops, private Reiki sessions, Reiki I & II certification courses, as well as community yoga classes and private yoga lessons in Downtown Beverly. Oregel is also an avid blogger who writes about her experiences as a healer.

All proceeds from The Healing Center’s Community Yoga Class goes to support local charity Beverly Bootstraps

The Healing Center’s Community Yoga Classes are every first and third Sunday of the month.

Check out their website for a full list of yoga classes and healing workshops.

Creative Spirit – For the Balanced Artist

Creative Spirit isn’t a yoga studio, instead, it’s a center for creativity and personal transformation, founded by Peyton Pugmire, that hosts yoga and meditation workshops and classes. Their programs are geared to nurture a whole being through creative expression, self-development, mindfulness, health, and spirituality.

Current and upcoming Yoga and Meditation classes:

Click here to see Creative Spirit’s full list of offerings.

Healing Creative – For the Mind and Body

Healing Creative was started by a group of independent holistic practitioners with a common goal of providing affordable healing services to their community. They added RYSE, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and childbirth classes to their repertoire in 2015 with Kripalu-trained Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Vishudha Yoga Teacher Monica Ingham at the helm.

Ingham’s classes are on Mondays and Wednesday afternoons from 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm at the Salem location.

Click here to see Healing Creative’s full list of offerings.