April 29, 2020

Get Takeout (and a Card) for Moms this Mother’s Day

by joeyphoenix

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This Mother’s Day, Creative Collective has teamed up with 5 local small businesses and 5 local artists to give complimentary Mother’s Day postcards to the first 100 takeout/delivery orders at each location. These unique designs celebrate Moms, and since they double as coloring pages, it gives them something to do between doing their jobs as actual heroes.

Lucille’s Wine ShopMichelle Garcia

“For this card, I wanted to combine two of my favorite things: Wine and Lettering! I chose to go with “Happy Day, Momma” instead of the traditional “Happy Mother’s Day” to keep it useful past Mother’s Day. I call my friends momma, so I can see myself giving this to them as a ‘thinking of you’ card (when I inevitably forget to mail it out for Mother’s Day).” – Michelle Garcia (IG – @mikeypardal)


“It feels like we are all these lush and beautiful gardens filled with different kinds of vegetation that makes us complete – wildflowers, vegetation, ferns, weeds. Most of the garden we plant ourselves, but some of the flowers and other essentials were planted there by the people who raised us by giving us some from their own gardens. This is my small tribute to the womxn who contribute(d) to my garden.” – Anna Dugan (IG – @annadidathing)

Granite Coast Brewingm.ink. Studios

“The phrase ‘No Matter What’ is used to show unconditional love & support. The flowers are inspired by vintage fabric, which reminds me of all the wonderful women in my life, especially those who raised me. My intention is to send a message that prompts the sender & receiver to pause and find their own meaning in the phrase.” – Meg Nichols (IG – @m.ink.studio)

The Castle: a Board Game CaféApple Jack

“This is a card for all the cool gamer Moms playing D&D campaigns on the weekends and teaching their kids how to LARP. Also, if there isn’t a floral D20 already out there, there should be.”
– Apple Jack (IG – @thatfoolapplejack)

Goodnight FattyGrimdrops

“This piece was commissioned by the owners, Jen & Erik a couple of weeks ago. I updated it a bit to make it more Mother’s Day centric. They wanted a guy eating a cookie.” – Mike Grimaldi (IG – @grimdrops)

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