August 3, 2020

Live Music Returns to Beverly This Friday

by joeyphoenix

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Live Music is returning to Beverly this week with the Cabot Theatre’s Porch Sessions at Hale Farm. Singer-songwriter Tom Rush, recently recovered from COVID-19, will perform at the inaugural show on Friday, August 7th at 6:30pm.

While this first event is already sold out, the Cabot will be announcing the lineup for the rest of the summer very soon.

“I have so missed being able to present live music and live entertainment and all of the community building that brings,” said J. Casey Soward, Executive Director of The Cabot. “It’s exciting to be able to bring that back even in a small way. It’s going to have a big impact on people.”

Hale Farm, a one-acre 17th-century location right in downtown Beverly, owned and operated by Historic Beverly, was deemed by the theatre as a perfect venue for an intimate outdoor concert.

“We’re such a Beverly place,” Soward said. “We really wanted find a site that was in downtown Beverly so that we could bring music back into the downtown.

“The restaurants and the retailers downtown have really been hurting as a result of COVID and we really wanted to focus our efforts on this,” he added.

During the event, The Cabot will be serving summer beer selections from Newburyport’s Riverwalk Brewing Co. as well as wine and bottled water. Boxed dinners and appetizers will be served by Root.

Because of The Baker Administration’s Phase 3 reopening restrictions, outdoor venues are limited to a capacity of 100. So while the Cabot Theatre has an 850 person capacity for live entertainment, the Porch Sessions will host more intimate shows with just 85 available tickets.

The Cabot had originally planned a series of events this year to commemorate the theatre’s 100 year anniversary, but while the original plans had to be postponed, Soward is looking forward to bringing live music back to the North Shore.

“People are zoomed out,” he said. “I’ve heard so many people say ‘What I wouldn’t give to just be able to come and have a beer and watch some live music at the Cabot.’

“The music is part of it, but it’s also just about gathering with the community, and that’s what it is for us,” he added.

Check out the Cabot’s website or follow them on Facebook for more up to date info on upcoming shows and events.