May 18, 2020

Meet the Maker – Tara White Studio

by joeyphoenix

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Meet the Maker is a new series of features highlighting some of the most amazing makers across the North Shore! We will be featuring a handful of new makers every Monday to hopefully help mitigate the added financial strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the creative community. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook as well!

Meet Tara White

IG: @tarawhitestudio

In your own words…  what do you do? Describe the thing(s) you “make/create.”

My mixed media artwork is my passion. I love to use recycled and found objects in unexpected ways. Nature is my biggest inspiration – many of my pieces have animal subjects. I also really enjoy making digital designs, which I have started to make available as prints and on products.

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The world is curious — what inspires you to “make/create”?

Emotions are my biggest driver. I feel a certain way and think about it in colors and textures before I start a new piece. Then I’ll come up with the best subject matter to convey those feelings. Very rarely does my work end up the way I first imagined, which is the exciting part.

Roughly how much are you expecting in losses over the next month?

I am still in the beginning of selling artwork – usually only a few pieces a year. I have another full time job that so far has been unaffected, thankfully.


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