May 31, 2022

Meet The Member: Museumtastic

by Felicia Cheney

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Julie Arrison-Bishop (she/her)

In your words… Tell us about your organization, business, initiative.

MuseumTastic is a museum and nonprofit consulting firm focusing on small project support. We can tackle anything from a social media audit to an emergency and disaster plan to a yearlong engagement evaluation. Let us check some of those pesky projects off your to-do list!

Tell us a bit about you and why you do what you do? Share your passions for your business, initiative, organization.

I started MuseumTastic after leaving a full-time museum leadership role in 2021. I’ve always had a knack for being a jack-of-all-trades and want to share my years of experience.

In my 15 years in the field, I often found myself in need of just a little bit of help to wrap up a project or get advice on a new topic. I found it hard to find a consultant that was willing to take on small-scale support. Since MuseumTastic is a complement to a full-time marketing job, I can do just that!

What role do you think your business plays in supporting a more creative community? OR your community in general. (Bonus! Why do you think a more creative community is important?)

Museums and nonprofits are crucial to vibrant community life. Museums offer the opportunity to share stories, history, art, performance, and other mediums. Nonprofits make communities better places because of their missions to serve. Workers in both of these sectors are some of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever worked with. If I can give something back with affordable, small project support, I’m all in!

What was the last book you read or film you watched that made an impact on you?

My last read was A Furious Sky by Eric Jay Dolin. The book is about the 500 year history of hurricanes and how they were once rare events. The frequency of shifting weather patterns and climate change are making these storms more prevalent along with other disasters. We have a lot of work to do to change our current behaviors AND to plan for these impactful weather disasters in the future.

As for what I watch? I need to shut my brain down at some point and am currently working my way back through Friends reruns.

What’s the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you our your business?

I really love emergency and disaster planning. It’s not the most joyful topic, but when there is a plan and process in place and it supports response, salvage, and continuity it’s something for an organization to be proud of. For a museum, a solid plan is an all-hands-on-deck staff and community effort. When the plan goes into action and works, the impact is priceless.

I feel like COVID times have forced a lot of businesses to consider disaster and continuity planning in different ways. In our worst nightmares, we didn’t see this coming. I’m glad that many friends and colleagues have pulled through the last few years.