December 22, 2022

Salem Pantry partners with Northeast Animal Shelter

by joeyphoenix

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The Salem Pantry is partnering with Northeast Animal Shelter to provide free pet food at weekly mobile markets. Guests of The Salem Pantry can bring home free pet food thanks to a unique partnership with Northeast Animal Shelter.

On average, the Northeast Animal Shelter donates 450 pounds of assorted pet food per week to be distributed at sites across Salem. Through their Mobile Market program, The Salem Pantry brings food directly into the community, serving an average of 1300 homes per month.

“We are grateful for this collaboration with Northeast Animal Shelter, which provides needed pet food and supplies throughout our community,” states Robyn Burns, The Salem Pantry’s Executive Director. “For families managing a tight budget, this program provides financial relief and makes an impact to support our local pets’ health and wellness.”

Northeast Animal Shelter is one of New England’s largest non-profit animal shelters. “Northeast Animal Shelter is proud to partner with community organizations like The Salem Pantry, who also recognize the importance of the human-animal bond. Through this collaboration, we’re able to further our mission to keep pets in homes with the people who love them by providing some support and resources to pet owners in need,” said Amy Simione-Garbarino, Community Outreach Manager for the Northeast Animal Shelter.

As food costs rise, and demand for their services increases, the Pantry’s pet food partnership provides additional support within the community.

The Salem Pantry continues to work collaboratively to empower local and regional communities by ensuring the essential right to convenient and reliable access to healthy food through public mobile markets, home deliveries, and community partnerships. A new storefront pantry project in Salem will be completed in early 2023.

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