March 20, 2020

Salem Sketches Capture the Everyday Joy North of Boston

by joeyphoenix

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Salem Film Fest 2020 was originally scheduled to start this weekend, and while the event has been indefinitely postponed due to public health and safety reasons, you can still enjoy some of the best that the fest has to offer with Salem Sketches!

Salem Sketches highlight some of the coolest people and happenings North of Boston, showing what it’s like to live here by featuring some the ones who do.

Here are some of our favorites sketches, but don’t let us choose for you. Click here to check out the whole set on Vimeo.

#48 Salsa NightGreg Coles Drum and Dance at Rockafellas

#15 Phoenix Funhouse – The Phoenix School

#53 Donkey HugsThe Equine Rescue Network

#50 Milkweed for Monarchs –

#59 Repair Cafe – Green Salem

#34 Animal Rehabilitator

#6 Cobbler – Gagnon’s Shoe Repair

#9 Baxter’s Buddies – The Phoenix School

#7 Tornado Tube

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