March 20, 2020

Couch Fest 2020 – How and Where to Tune In and Support Local Bands and Musicians

by joeyphoenix

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Welcome to Couch Fest 2020! Unless you work at a grocery store, a hospital, a gas station, or a pharmacy – you’re probably at home with extra time on your hands. Local artists and musicians are doing their best to entertain you during these difficult times, and it’s the least you can do to tune in and maybe tip them $5-$15 for their efforts.

Here is our roundup of places to catch live-streamed music, take music classes, participate in virtual open mics, and listen to some recently recorded videos and live streams. If you have an artist to share, are planning a live stream, teaching classes, or doing cool stuff musically – send our editor a message at or tagging us @creativenorthshore.

Check back regularly because we’ll be adding to this as things come in! Last updated 4/14

Upcoming Live Streams

Social Distancing Festival

Check out this killer selection of music from around the world, or search by country. Don’t forget to share the pieces you love, and leave a comment for the artist!

Montreux Jazz Festival 

Montreux Jazz Festival would like to bring a little magic into your home! We have made over 50 Festival concerts available to stream for free, including performances by  Ray CharlesWu-Tang ClanJohnny CashNina SimoneMarvin GayeDeep PurpleCarlos Santana, and more. We hope that a little music and soul will brighten up your day!

Music Lessons and Workshops

Joe Sabourin Music
For lessons email:
Venmo – @joe-sabourin

Virtual Open Mics

The Gulu Gulu Open Mic Shindig has gone online!

How it works:

  • Join the Open Mic Shindig FB Group
  • At 2 o’clock on Thursday each week, host Brian Donnelly will pull names out of a hat to determine the order of the day. So if you want to participate, get your names into that hat! Once the list is pulled it will go up on the shindig site.
  • Next, participating people will need to record themselves performing their 10 minutes or less set if they don’t plan to go live during their turn. Uploaded videos should be sent to Brian as soon as they’re finished.
  • Then, at 8pm, Brian will go live with the videos so people can comment and participate. Then afterwards, the videos will be available on the shindig page.

Recent Live Streams from Local Musicians

The Joneses

Ashley Skeffington

True Colours

Joey Phoenix


The Away Games

Skunk Sessions


Sarah Hadley

Ross Livermore

Annie Brobst Music

Arielle Kaplan

Callie Hughes Music

Joe Sabourin Music


Wood and Bone

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