January 9, 2019

Weekly Buzz: Crafting Nights at the Witchery

by cns2020

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Weekly Buzz is a regular feature of special events and happenings on the North Shore. If you have an upcoming special event, project, or initiative that you’d like to see featured here. Send our editor an email at joeyphoenix@creativecollectivema.com 

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Host: Gret McGilvray of The Witchery
Where: 61 Wharf Street, Pickering Wharf, Salem
When: Every Thursday Night at 6:00 PM

Joey Phoenix and Gret McGilvray discuss The Witchery, Crafter’s Nights, and other Upcoming Events in the space. 

What is The Witchery and what sorts of things happen in this space? 

The Witchery is a mixed-use creative space. By day we hold tarot readings and sell local art and gifts. On Saturday nights, however, from June through October, we transform into a theatre space for our ongoing, live performance Moon Witch. We also hold an event called Crafter’s Night, which runs during the winter months on Thursdays. 

What happens at Crafter’s Night? 

Every Thursday from 6 PM – 8 PM people can drop in with their project to create and socialize. It really doesn’t matter what you are working on: knitting, painting, drawing, book-binding, collaging, etc. Just bring it along and let’s hang out! 

What inspired you to begin doing Crafter’s Nights?

I created Crafter’s Night with the hopes of tuning into what other artists are doing. I thought it would be cool for people to socialize and get to know one another while working on various projects. I’m so busy with the shop and working on our shows, it makes it difficult for me to meet other artists. This is a way for me to remedy that situation.

Who can come to a crafting event? Is this just for kids? 

I created it with adults in mind, actually, but kids are welcome to join in as well! 

What other events are coming up at the Witchery that you’re excited about?

Besides our ongoing show Moon Witch and Crafter’s Night, we have an event on Wednesday, January 30th called Fire Goddess Roundelay: Dance, Meditation and Crafts for Imbolc. It’s put together by Mia Maddalenka.  Mia danced with Calamus during our early performances on the North Shore. She is a very talented soul, and I am excited to host this event with her! We also have an Intuitive Tarot certification course coming this spring, with Kris Gurky of Dark Moon Tarot – Salem. 

About Gret McGilvray, Owner of The Witchery 

I’m a musician driven to explore that liminal space where art and magick intersect.  I spent a lot of time in California – namely San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and Santa Cruz – where I studied Ethnomusicology and Anthropology as part of that exploration.
But I found it difficult to stay in school as a single mother with two children, so I eventually came back home to Massachusetts. Soon after coming back, I formed the band Calamus. We played a lot of multimedia shows in Salem, but since our shows were a bit different, we had to rent out theatre space. It got very expensive. That’s when Bruce (husband/guitarist) and I decided to move to Salem. We opened The Witchery in 2017. Now we can continue our creative endeavors- but on our own terms. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

The Witchery loves to work with other businesses. If you have a business that compliments what we do or if you want to join forces in some way, let’s talk! And if you are an artist, we are always looking to collaborate. We especially need artists to create videos for our shows.