JEM Studios Body Alchemist

About the Member

Champion kinesthetic awareness and enhance the transformation of your body


Jovani Oliveira-Miranda – Stretch Alchemist

ISSA Certified in Applied Stretching Theory
NASM Stretching & Flexibility Coach.
Practice Philosophy: Addicted to Improvement. I want to be the change I want to see. My goal is to assist others in transforming themselves just like I did. 
Why I do what I do: I love feeling of helping people reach their fitness and recovery goals. It makes me feels like I can contribute to the world by promoting positivity and enhancing self-care. I’m driven knowing that I help someone better themselves everyday.
A little bit about me: In 2020 the world was forever altered. I knew this was prime time for me to chase my passion in the fitness industry. My journey started at Planet Fitness. Then, I honed my skills at StretchLab. They provided the opportunity for me to continue building my knowledge and taught me the importance of bodywork and recovery. Now, I have my own studio and I do it all. I’m constantly looking to improve myself and become better practiced in helping others achieve their own fitness and recovery goals.


Eric Negron – Recovery Alchemist

Licensed Massage Therapist
Elizabeth Grady School of MassageAmerican Academy of Personal Training 
Practice Philosophy:
Why I do what I do:
A little bit about me: I worked with an orthopedic specialist, as a medical assist, in San Diego for 3.5 years. After moving back to the east coast, I applied to Elizabeth Grady Massage School – Medford, where I obtained my license. I graduated the massage program and started working at Massage Elements – Beverly. After two years of  massage and strong knowledge of body healing and anatomy, I found the opportunity to open up my own fitness and recovery studio. Throughout life’s journey of ups and downs, I lost over 80lbs in three years. I want to show people that everyone has the potential to achieve their fitness goals through movement and perseverance.


Mena Lothi – Training Alchemist

NASM CPT, Neuromuscular Stretch Specialist, A.S Healthcare Administration
American Academy of Personal Training, Pima Medical Institute, Southern New Hampshire University
Practice Philosophy: Building a solid fitness foundation is essential for physical, mental, and spiritual growth
Why I do what I do: I love showing clients the incremental process of building good fitness habits. 
A little bit about me: I previously worked as a medical assistant for 3.5 years. Most of my experience came from working with an orthopedic surgeon in San Diego. After hitting a plateau in my medical career, I decided to pour my knowledge and experience into becoming a personal trainer. Utilizing my knowledge and experience with anatomy and physiology, my training style consists of functional movement, calisthenics, and strength training.