November 8, 2018

Beyond Walls

by Felicia Cheney

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For this project Creative Collective was brought in to manage and distribute all media assets, run social media and online campaigns, consult, build a website and engage, document and enhance the HIVE community programming model. Creative Collective had the amazing opportunity to work with over 20 artists from all over the world as well as local community organizations and artists.

Beyond Walls is a creative placemaking non-profit based in Lynn, Massachusetts. Their mission is to activate space to strengthen communities.

Beyond Walls partners with local organizations, municipalities, community members and expert consultants to design, produce and manage projects and programs that infuse public art and creative experiences into underutilized or overlooked spaces.

Beyond Walls uses grassroots efforts to promote stronger, more vibrant, and inclusive communities. Through our projects and programming, we are committed to retaining the voice, integrity, and pride of area residents.

Beyond Walls has been a member of the Creative Collective since shortly after our inception. Given their knowledge and tools, ‘The Collective’ was a no brainer to raise awareness of our mission, projects and events. Based on the strength and track record of the Creative Collective we plan to continue our membership.

In addition to our membership, for the 2018 Beyond Walls Street Art Festival we contracted with John and his team to take on an expanded role in running the festival’s social media strategy; no small feat given our growth objectives and our need to not only promote participating artists and Beyond Walls signature events, but also the events of our festival partners. In total, the 14-day festival included 7 signature events and 41 partner events. The Collective put the right channels, tactics and tools in motion with relevant messages and the right voice going out throughout.

With art, culture, creativity, and community being central to Beyond Walls work and with The Creative Collective sharing a vision that thriving culture and creative sectors support the sustainability of communities (and frankly, make the world a better place), we are excited to continue to work and partner with The Creative Collective. I give them my highest recommendation.

— Al Wilson – Executive Director

Thank you 2018 Sponsors! from Beyond Walls on Vimeo.