April 22, 2021

#StressAwarenessMonth – 7 Products to Help You Relax

by joeyphoenix

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Take a deep breath. We’re in the thick of a Massachusetts false spring (also known as third winter) and it’s hard being a human.

Step 1: Drink Water
Step 2: Relax your jaw
Step 3: Take another breath

One you’ve done that, take a next step and dive into some self-care with a little help from these 7 products.

Calming Balm from Tasteful Skin

Tasteful Skin’s collection of balms wouldn’t be complete without a blend that nourishes you inside and out. Use Tasteful Skin’s Calming Balm as an aromatic and topical healing remedy. Apply when needed to ease your body into a calming state whether it be during the day or just before bed.

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Relax – Geranium Lavender Beeswax Candle from Moody’s Home and Gifts

Surround yourself with the soothing notes of geranium and lavender with this Relax Beeswax Candle from Moody’s Home and Gifts. The candle is made with essential oils, a sustainable wooden wick, and burns up to 60 hours.

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Calming Spray – Anxiety + Stress from Coven Beauty Company

Formulated by aromatherapists and reiki masters. This Anxiety + Sress calming spray from Coven Beauty Company is an essential oil blend that will provide calming and soothing for stress and anxiety. Blended with the energy of quartz crystal and blessed with reiki energy.

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CBD Tincture from Harmony Harvest

CBD has been proven to help alleviate a variety of health conditions—like pain, anxiety, inflammation, gut health, dermatological conditions, and epilepsy (along with many more). This full spectrum CBD Tincture from Harmony Harvest promotes rest & relaxation if taken orally, twice daily.

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The Antiquarian Herbal Tisane from Old Growth Alchemy

A contemplative herbal tisane with a ruby hue. Old Growth Alchemy’s Antiquarian Herbal Tisane is rooted with angelica which offers a delicious spice that blends with the heat of ginger and the sweet spice of cinnamon. Rooibos and hibiscus combine for a fruity and semi-tart base note and blends with the sweet herbaceous notes of tulsi. Enjoy it steaming cheerily alongside a stag of eager books.

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Dreamstime Bath Fizzy from Nine of Cups Bathing Co.

With this bath fizzy from Nine of Cups Bathing Co., you’ll be gliding into dream time in no time. A fragrant blend of favorite herbs for deep sleep and connecting to your subconscious. Maybe tonight you’ll dance on the astral plane?

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Organic Beeswax Skin Soothing Salve from Beverly Bees

For this Skin Soothing Salve, Beverly Bees infuses a special blend of organic herbs into olive oil and mix it with their treatment free beeswax to get this luscious skin soothing salve, perfect for calming, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. 

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Creative Collective is celebrating the ways we can get outside this Spring with their #SpringOnTheNorthShore campaign, an initiative created to highlight the best that springtime North of Boston has to offer on the longer, warmer days. 

Area businesses can participate in the event by using the hashtag #SpringOnTheNorthShore and tagging @creativecollectivema  and @creativenorthshore in posts on social media highlighting ways their businesses are encouraging people to get out and explore the best of the region this Spring.