August 28, 2019

The Street Artists of Beyond Walls 2019 – Photo Gallery

by cns2020

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Bordallo ii – 80 Almont Street –  Photos by Creative Collective MA

The Beyond Walls Street Art Festival 2019 took place from July 22 – August 3, bringing in talented artists all over the world to create poignant and breathtaking murals that will add to the growing vibrancy of Lynn’s landscape.

Beyond Walls introduces public art and curated experiences into the fabric of their communities. They partner with local organizations, municipalities, community members, and experts to help design, produce, and manage the many projects and programs being produced now. All of their projects, from the Street Art Festival to the many artistic lighting projects, are executed to enhance the local, physical landscape, drive positive change, and to bolster community engagement.

This year, the festival saw artists from Puerto Rico, Portugal, Australia, the U.K., Colombia, and right here in the U.S., some even from Lynn. Here are the faces behind the work and the murals they created. 

Add Fuel, Portugal @AddFuel -270 Union Street

BKFoxx, USA @BKFoxx -21 Munroe Street

Bordalo ii, Portugal @b0rdalo_ii -80 Almont Street

Celso, Puerto Rico @celsoart – 22 Franklin St.

Fresco Exchange, Colombia x Boston @FrescoExchange – Various Locations and Artists 

Fresco Exchange
Beyond Walls 2019
Images by Creative Collective for Creative North Shore

Gráfica Mestiza, Colombia @GraficaMestiza -Various Locations

Helen Bur, UK @abcdefghelen -614 Washington Street

Lisa King, Australia @artoflisaking -75 Silsbee St.

LMA Reunion, Lynn @LMACrew -52 Central Square

Michael Aghahowa, Lynn @_aghahowa -1 Andrew Street

Smug, Australia @SmugOne -23 Central Square

Sipros @sipros_sipros 20 Wheeler St.

Ruben Ubiera @urbanruben X Golden @golden305 – 50 Silsbee St.

About Beyond Walls

Beyond Walls is a non-profit placemaking agency that uses a creative lens to address community needs. They are a diverse group of residents and supporters that believe cities thrive when they are full of art while having engaged stakeholders and active community spaces with art. Beyond Walls’ work revolves around their mission to strengthen communities through activating spaces with the various forms of artwork.

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