August 24, 2020

Gardenspiration: COVID Victory Gardens Community Gallery – PHOTOS

by joeyphoenix

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After being cooped up inside this Summer, it’s no wonder that people have taken to elaborate crafting and innovative gardening. It draws to mind the creative Victory gardens of the early to mid-twentieth century, with people planting their own food in their backyards and on public lands to supplement supplies during national food shortages.

We asked our community to submit their home gardens to be part of this community gallery. If you’d like to have yours included, send our editor a message at

COVID Victory Gardens Community Gallery

Submitted by Jenn Spinelli 
“I took my small, sad 4×9 cement & brick porch and made it into a garden. And I’m pretty proud of it!”
Submitted by Meghan Donoghue
“My upstairs neighbors and I have some sweet porch gardens going! I also made an Ipswich River micro pond and am cultivating some accidental jack o’ lantern patches!”
Submitted by Leslie Levesque
“I love functional and aromatic. A brush by that pot full of lemongrass, a planned swipe through batches of basil, and the snip of a chive are a few of my regulars.”

Submitted by Robert DeBruil
Submitted by Becca Mandel
Submitted by Jackson Luckner
Submitted by Cassandra Warren
“This was June so everything is much bigger. And this is only a 3rd of it.”
Submitted by Sierra Shepard
“We are crazy people who built not only raised beds but Raised Beds On Legs Surrounded By Nets to prevent everyone from eating everything here in a place heavily populated by Hungry Things
Submitted by Gryphon
“Calendula would have been nice, considering what we’re going through right now. But at least I have lettuce!”
Submitted by Cassie Beth
“I’ve recently started and I CAN’T STOP.”
Submitted by Theresa Brangarrán
“We built 2 raised beds at the beginning of the shut down, which are full of herbs and veggies and then we have a ton of containers for tomatoes, peppers and more herbs!”
Submitted by Emily Coombs
“This was the first year that we added a bunch of container gardening on the deck to our in-ground beds.”
Submitted by Joan Griffin
“We have two official gardens going, one above ground and one raised bed. Netting is a must given all the other hungry critters in our yard. And flowers, one must grow flowers for nurturing the soul!”